This is an entry-level position within our Data Services department which is responsible for data integration between diverse healthcare systems and on-going data maintenance at Unlimited Systems' customer sites.

Although a computer-related degree or equivalent experience is an important factor, we will give preference to the candidate with demonstrated enthusiasm, commitment and aptitude for learning new technical and professional skills.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Integrating software systems to exchange data in real-time using SQL scripts and data
    management tools
  • Querying SQL databases to identify data trends
  • Building graphs and other visually meaningful displays of business data
  • Writing database scripts to correct data errors
  • Acting as the lead technical support resource when bringing new customers online with our
  • Understanding healthcare concepts such as accounts receivable, revenue, insurance, etc.

About Unlimited

We are a technology company based in Cincinnati, Ohio, focused on workflow solutions for specialty healthcare. We work hard to recruit and retain the very best and offer exceptional employee benefits and perks. Salary is highly competitive and healthcare is fully paid. Other benefits include an aggressive 401(k) match, employee wellness programs, flexible work and management styles, and rapid career advancement. 

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