Patient Registration

Accurate patient registration is critical to ensuring correct reimbursement from insurance carriers. However, the need for accuracy must be balanced against an easy, efficient front desk process for each patient as they navigate a cancer diagnosis.

Our front office tool provides a single dashboard for comprehensive registration that can simultaneously update all clinical systems.

Seamless check-in functionality helps front desk users increase accuracy, assists clinical staff with patient flow throughout the clinic, and improves the font desk patient experience.



Insurance Verification

Receive insurance verification responses automatically, in real time. Our automated insurance eligibility tool scans clinical schedules automatically to determine verification statuses in advance of patients' visits, based on appointment type. Financial staff are notified if patient coverage is no longer active or an authorization is required, prior to their visit.

Oncologists are responsible for more than 525 appointments each month. Reduce your staff's manual effort required to verify patient insurance by 75% when our automated insurance verification tool is activated.


Co-payment Collection.png

Co-payment Collection

Collect patient copays and outstanding patient balances in just a few clicks while still maintaining high security for payment data

It is not unusual for our clients to increase their copay collection by more than 25% when they activate our front office software tools.

A single point of registration minimizes registration errors to maximize cash collections while improving the patient front-desk experience.