Interfaces & Connectivity

Our highly-configurable integration options are designed to serve our hospital and health network clients who need better integration between oncology information systems and hospital systems.

Streamline patient registration across hospital and clinical systems. Synchronize patient IDs, MRNs, and series account numbers from many platforms and prevent duplicates and unnecessary accounts. Automate re-registration and discharge of monthly accounts.                    

Our integration team members are experts in solving workflow problems by configuring a tailored solution for the hospital client. Our team is dedicated to working with you to ensure our solution solves your specific integration challenges.

We are proud to work with the major hospital systems in the industry today. Our solutions help ensure that that the oncology service line is as financially healthy as possible while maximizing accuracy and efficiency of registration and oncology activity capture and charging.


Billing Office Efficiency

The oncology service line is often one of the highest-value service lines in the health network. Ensuring that charges are as correct and payable as possible and delivered to the proper system for timely claim filing is critical to the financial success of the service line and the hospital itself.

Oncologists bill over 80,000 line items per year. Improved hospital integration ensures that all charges are seamlessly split into professional and technical components after charge grooming, and automatically delivered to the proper billing system for claim filing, whether professional or technical. 

Receive insurance verification responses automatically, in real time. Our automated insurance eligibility tool scans clinical schedules automatically to determine verification statuses in advance of patients' visits, based on appointment type. Financial staff are notified if patient coverage is no longer active or an authorization is required, prior to their visit.

Oncologists are responsible for more than 525 appointments each month. Reduce your staff's manual effort required to verify patient insurance by 75% when our automated insurance verification tool is activated. 


Deployment Options

Some software companies require you to run your software their way. We don't.

Our deployment options ensure your solution is exactly that: your own.

Join us in the cloud.
Over one-third of our clients have moved to the cloud using our hosted solution. Our secure, offsite data center has offered our clients a stable and secure environment since 2010.

Own and manage your own hardware.
Our experts are available to coach you through procuring and configuring the necessary equipment for an optimized end-user experience. We provide clear and concise specs with any consultation.