Our journey started well before the company’s founding in 2003. The spirit of Unlimited Systems was born in the long summers that our founders spent working in their father’s oncology practice at Duke University Medical Center. While none of those sons became physicians, they did come together to serve patients and providers with a simple objective: maximize the potential of the oncology business office through workflow efficiency software tools and business intelligence. 

Our founders knew early on that a healthy business office means a healthy clinic.

We have come a long way from our first install, now serving 3000 providers and partnering with 275 cancer centers across 5 time zones. Our team is now over 100 people strong, operating out of a single office. We are dedicated to supporting our clients using expert knowledge in the complexities of oncology revenue cycle, friendly attitudes, and a driven, make-it-happen mentality.

We believe that picking a revenue cycle partner is a lot like picking a physician. You don’t choose the provider with the flashiest name or glitziest brochure, you select the team who has demonstrated the most commitment to successful outcomes.

From our earliest days, our core mission has not changed:
We care for your business so you can care for your patients.